Amazing Race for Charity 10
December 2, 2012

On the 24th of November 2012 myself , @Sarahious, @DanielleAmbz and @Tiff4Breakfast  competed in the 10th edition of the Amazing Race for Charity along with 700 other people who were split into 150 different teams.  Throw in some mad outfits and racing around Johannesburg  trying to work out clues and you have yourself a pretty amazing way to spend a day ( also its for a good cause – We love Rhinos!)


That being said we dressed up as Greeks, complete with Toga’s and gold establishments and named our team “Once you go Greek, you won’t walk for a week” cos LOL!


Unfortunately due to us taking the whole ‘being Greek’ thing too seriously we dropped out of the race due to a crash (not unlike the Greek economy) and headed back to the finish line





Here is the official Video from the event #TeamGreek can be spotted bouncing balls on our heads at 2min 20sec mark



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