If I didn’t track my run, did it happen?
December 4, 2012

So lately I have stopped using Endomondo to track my runs because, I hate having to carry my phone with me, it brings with it so much extra admin – I don’t want to carry my phone with me or my iPod (going through a I don’t run with music phase) and I don’t want a back pack to slow me down or irritate me by simply being on my back.


I know you are all thinking to yourself, “Get a workout case to strap to your arm Justine” but I hate those things, they make anyone who uses them look like an idiotic gym bunny who takes themselves too seriously, that and I have a Blackberry not an iPhone, and they don’t arm band cases for Blackberry (or maybe I just haven’t looked around because of the whole “looking like a gym bunny” issue).  The whole point is I am no longer tracking my runs and I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.


The question that really needs to be asked is are the fit just inputting their workouts manually and linking it to Social Networks to let everyone else know that they have gone for a run, meanwhile they are REALLY sitting on their couch with a bag of chips watching the Ellen Show?

I mean if you don’t track it, did it happen?  Is tracking a run vital?


What are your thoughts?  Yes or No on tracking runs?  Also what apps are you all using?  I would love to hear from you in the comments section!



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  1. I track my runs with the Nike app, I have the arm strap for my phone and listen to music in my right ear (so I can hear traffic with my left!) and i don’t see myself as a gym bunny. I enjoy tracking my runs, it keeps records for me and pushes me to beat my times, distances etc. It will also play a “power” track when it sees you are slowing down. But Each unto their own at the end of the day. I used to be a big believer of no music on the run as it can distract you from the noises around you, i.e: a car hurtling towards you from the back. but i am enjoying running with music I find it helps push me at times.

    1. I really need to try this Nike App – I know my Nano has it, then it won’t be so bulky to carry around, just didnt find it as accurate as Endomondo


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