“The Salmon Run” explained
December 11, 2012

I have been doing a lot of tweeting recently about going to Zimbabwe for the December holidays or going on #SalmonRun2013.   Zimbabweans will know that I have been talking about, but non-Zimbabweans will have no idea why I call going home for the holidays, “The Salmon Run”…. So I have taken it upon myself to explain it to you all


If you have opened a newspaper in the past 10 years you would have noticed that Zimbabwe has been having a tough time, which has lead to the economy crashing, hyper inflation and many a Zimbabwean emigrating to foreign lands to work/study/get away from the turmoil in the country.


Due to most Zimbabweans being spread all over the world to study/live/work it means that for the most part we don’t get to see our nearest and dearest for years on end, which is really sad, heart breaking actually….

Imagine not getting to see you best friend for years, not being able to set soil of your native land due to having refugee status in another country, or having to start all over again by making friends in a place where you don’t know anyone?  Well ask a Zimbabwean living outside of the Zimbabwe borders and they would have done it at some point, and they would have done it with a smile on their faces, cos we’re awesome and generally happy, cool people as far as nationalities go.


Zimbabwe for the most part has a VERY small community, everyone knows everyone else, with that being said we are spread all over the world BUT in December, we all come home….


We come home to visit friends, family, and the country we left behind – we all “swim upstream” or “down stream” or in whatever direction really, but we all “swim home” (You could say to mate, like Salmon do – but my Mom reads this and well, I don’t want her knowing such things).  The Population of Zimbabwe goes from say 3000 to 20000 in the space of a month and then we swim home when Uni/Work starts in January and Zimbabwe becomes a ghost town again, and this ladies and gents is called ‘The Salmon Run’


Think of the Salmon Run as a Flash Mob which lasts for a month as opposed to 3 minutes.  Within this month the parties are out of control, alcohol consumption is at an all time high, you catch up with long lost friends and for a single month the troubles of Zimbabwe are forgotten and being home is awesome!





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