What the Cramp?
December 10, 2012

So this weekend I went running, just to keep up with my program to be Two Oceans ready and what not, it was going to be a slow/medium paced run for just 25 minutes….. Or so I thought *Que Horror Movie Theme Music*


So there I was about 3 kms away from home when my left calf got cramp.

I have had cramp in the past but NEVER anything as painful as this…. Luckily it was really really early in the morning so no one was out and about to see me lying on the side of the road twisting and turning in agony as I tried to get rid of the cramp.  I always used to wonder how in movies people would be like “He got cramp in his leg and drowned” but after the cramp I experienced I totally get it now, my whole body became semi-useless for like 7 mins (which if I were in water, I wouldn’t have drowned cos I would have got my shit together but I can see how someone could drown if they couldn’t get their shit together!), actually its 3 days later and I can still feel that I had cramp in my leg, what the f**king f**k?


So I have some questions for all you serious runners out there who have been doing this for longer that little ol’ me.  I know I am probably getting cramp cos of a lack of salt, but I have NEVER been a big salt eater, I hate salt actually, I never put it on my food.  So, I probably need to start taking some salt tablets or some sort, or is there another reason why I am getting such bad cramp?


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  1. Cramp is caused by one of three things. Lack of salt, magnesium, or potassium. Take rehydrat if you don’t like salt, it helps for all three issues.

    1. Will do, thank you kindly 🙂


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