Abs of steel, coming soon to a stomach near you
January 27, 2013

Any one who has had the PLEASURE of being in my company lately will know that I am a bit boring at the moment, I blame it for the most part on the fact that I haven’t had even a sip of alcohol, a bite of a carbohydrates or a sip of milk since October.  We all know that a girl can only go so long without a tequila shot before loosing their personality a little bit.


That being said the results of my strict eating programmed are amazing – I was tanning today and in between turning a darker shade of red I was like “Woah, what the fuck”, cos I noticed that I have a 2 pack, it’s very little and rather shy at the moment but it’s there and by the time I get to where I want to be, I should be ripped as all hell and very “Heidi Klum in a Victoria Secrets Runway show” worthy *Personal High Five*  – I basically just wanna look like the total babe in the picture below, and it will happen.



I have been doing some little runs too, 3/4kms.  My times are still not great but I don’t care anymore, I am running so I am doing better than 92% of the population (that is a made up statistic)


I am also looking forward to March – I know it seems terrible to wish the days away but when I fit into my size 6 jeans (nearly there *high fives self again*) and am ready to take on the world without all the baggage that has been holding me back for so long, it will be a good day in Justine world.



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  1. 6 packs and come backs

    You should get in a studio and drop a rap

  2. Love reading your blog posts and following your progress over the years. Feel like I started this journey with you!

    1. Comments like this make it all worth while, thank you 😉


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