Amazing Street Art
January 20, 2013

I heart Street Art.  I wish there were more places here in South Africa where street artists could showcase their work and make our sometimes boring drives in and around Johannesburg just a little bit more visually appealing.

Imagine how cool it would be if instead of just being bored while stuck on the N1 in traffic there were beautiful street art murals periodically along the concrete sides of the highway?  I for sure would enjoy a traffic jam allot more than I currently do.


I found a link that showcased 106 of the most beloved Street art photos of 2010 – a few of my favourite street artists were included (the likes of Banksy who I blogged about previously, you can see the blog post here) , but there were a few new ones that I had never seen before that are worth a look at, and that you all may like.


Here are a few of my favourite street art photos from the “106 most beloved Street Art photo’s” article

Codex inferno
By Codex Inferno


Lego Wall
For the love of Lego


Street Art
by Herakut

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