Best Valentines Day flower, ever!
January 16, 2013

Valentines Day is just under a month away, so since I’m weird and I don’t really do things the normal way I have decided that if I were sending flowers or was going to receive flowers I wouldn’t want anything conventional.  No 12 red roses, no boxes of chocolates, I want something different, I want “The Hot Lips Plant“, (also its really hard to get one in South Africa so it would show he is committed to the cause of impressing Justine too)


The Hot Lips Plant


Not only is that the coolest/cutest thing to EVER get for Valentines Day but if you threw in a matching red lipstick with this, you may actually get a kiss out of me (or many!)


Its a real plant I am not making any of this up, its scientific name is Psychotria Elata.

If you want one of these beauties for that special someone this Valentines day they can be found in the forests of Costa Rica and Colombia.



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