Blood #DOnation
January 30, 2013

I remember back in my high school days how the “Blood Collectors” as we used to fondly call drove into the school gates and set up shack by the sick bay so you could give blood if you wished too.  The day the “Blood Collectors” came also meant having an excuse to get out of Extended Maths or a Chemistry lesson AND get rewarded with a coke if you were lucky and a biscuit (which if you ever were in boarding school is kind of like winning the national lottery)

The fact is the vast majority of you who will read this are no longer in high school or trying to bunk a Maths class, you’ve probably also forgotten to give blood.  I know I have over the years.

The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) needs blood, and allot of it, they need 3000 units of blood a day in order to reach the five day, country reserve mark.

Be a hero okes, donate your blood, save a life

Make a #DOnation today!

For more information on how you can donate blood, you can visit http://www.sanbs.org.za , tweet @theSANBS or fan the DONation of heroes here http://www.facebook.com/SANBS

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  1. Try to donate every 6 months, life has been getting in the way lately tho, shall go this weekend.


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