In stitches, but not of the laughing kind
January 23, 2013

I went for a run yesterday afternoon along my usual route, I haven’t been running lately so I just wanted to do smash a little 3km jog and “get back into it” , I also downloaded some awesome new music and made a “2103 Run-a-thon” playlist that I needed to try out (Spoiler Alert: Justin Bieber features on said playlist, quite a bit, oh look let me put in the video for you all)



So off I went with my iPod in my ears getting all amped for my run and 2kms in I got the worst stitch ever.  Now we all get stitches, but getting a stitch when you are 2kms away from home that’s so bad you end up crouched over like a 70 yr old struggling to straighten yourself up ain’t pretty people.

So here is the situation, I had a snack before I went for a run,  an apple, really the apple was SO SMALL it couldn’t even be called an apple, lets call it a REALLY big Grape.  Now here is the question, can eating or drinking before a run (say 10-15 minutes) be the cause this terrible stitch?  I refuse to believe it is because I am fat and unfit, because I am not.

Also runners, what are your remedies to get rid of a stitch?  Do you stop running, and do a fast walk instead till it goes away?  I remember hearing someone say once that you need to stretch out the stitch which I tried and it worked, till I started running again.

If you could leave any suggestions in the comments section of the blog or alternatively contact me on twitter (@punkystarfish) or via my Facebook page


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