Rainy Monday Runs
January 29, 2013

If you haven’t been in Johannesburg lately then lucky you, because it has been hotter than the hinges of hell (Which I am sure are pretty flippin’ hot).

It’s been so hot in fact that I have welcomed the Aircon at work blowing right onto my desk which we have all fondly named ‘The Arctic Circle’.  Enough rambling, today when I got home from work it looked like it was about to rain, but it was still super hot, so I just thought to myself “Justine, if you wanna look hot you need to run, even when it’s hot” and I put on my running shoes on and off I went with the black clouds looming above me.

Rain running

I knew this was going to be a short run cos of the heat and I had figured out I had roughly 30 minutes before the storm hit, well the storm hit, 15 minutes into my run.  Hello wet iPod and wet Blackberry. 

It wasn’t all as bad as it seemed, it kind of transported me back to Two Oceans last year where for 2.5hrs I ran in the rain.  It was refreshing actually, and my electronics still work otherwise I would be having a huge personality malfunction right now

That being said – I got another stitch and this is becoming a big problem in my life.  One that I am not very happy about entertaining.  Why does this happen to me!?  I tried to not even drink or eat anything before the run just encase that was the issue.  Help guys! I don’t know what to do.


Side note:  The dead bird from my previous blog post is still lying on the road – gross


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