Running Safari
January 28, 2013

When I was a non-runner, I always used to think to myself “What do runners think about while running?”  As a runner I can now tell you what goes on in my brain whilst running, today I went on a running safari.  What is a running safari you might ask?  It’s when you look for or see odd things on your regular running route.

Today this is what I saw:

  • Hot neighbour – he was driving in while I was running out the main gate, we shared a moment, he doesn’t know it yet, but he loves me
  • Range Rover Evoque – I really love these cars, this one in particular was a shitty green colour (possibly the worst colour to buy a million rand plus car in but hey, “money can’t buy you class”)
  • Dead Bird – I then imagined how it died, probably hit by a car (I know right, Captain Obvious) but then it could have also been hit by a golf ball or killed by a cat, I thought about all the way it could have died for about 5 minutes
  • Golf Balls – I live 2 kms away from a driving range, so golf balls aren’t really a rare find, BUT I should start picking them up and starting my own golf ball collection, to give away to my golfing friends for Christmas
  • R5,00 – I came back R5 richer then I went out, which basically means that not only is running good for you in that it keeps you fit, it’s profitable in the long run.  I made R1,00 a km which isn’t bad going.


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  1. When I run, all I think about is how goddamn tired I am and how I am looking forward for it to be over.

    1. May I suggest a scavenger hunt? 25 points if you come home with more than R5.00


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