The Vampire Diaries Workout
January 15, 2013

There are a few things I love in this world more than Damon Salvatore‘s face – played by Ian Somerhalder, or as I affectionately call him “Ian Somer-smolder”  (cos he is smoldering hot!!)


Most girls with a functioning uterus would have at some point day dreamed about making babies with Ian Somerhalder  while watching an episode of Vampire Diaries – if you haven’t I suggest it (also watch with a glass of wine and take a cold shower afterwards)


Ian Somerhalder

So while trolling the internet I can across “The Vampire Diaries Workout”

This one may actually work because getting super toned and slim so Ian Somerhalder (who comes to South Africa on holiday might I add) notices you at a bar or on the beach is all the motivation I need personally!


Have a look and try it out (I am going to while getting into the next Season of the show) let me know how it goes!



Vampire Diaries Workout





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  1. LOL im going to let my GF try this, as she loves the show. Great idea!

    1. Let me know what she thinks of it! I did it and I definitely “Felt the burn”

  2. This honestly has made my day! Have VD recorded and ready to watch this eve – now motivated to work out at the same time!


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