A day off, and I am fine with that
February 5, 2013

Sometimes you just don’t want to run and that’s ok.  For example right now, all I want to do is eat lunch, even if it is 10:15 am and lunch is still 2 hours away the last thing in the world that I feel like is putting on running gear and hitting the road.

Yesterday I could have gone running or at least done something, but I didn’t.  I feel kinda bad about it, BUT it looked like I could have gotten caught in the rain if I had gone running…. then there was the worlds most beautiful DOUBLE rainbow ever so I sat on my balcony and stared at it till it disappeared, cos double rainbows that bright and big are rare.

I also think the Double Rainbow is a sign, a sign that things are just going to get better for me x 2.  And I am ok with that 🙂

Double Rainbow Johannesburg

Double Rainbow JHB


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