February 12, 2013

Yesterday I went running twice, and I planned to do that every day this week but I went to bed a little later than usual last night and really struggled to wake up at 4 am this morning – actually who am I joking anyone who knows how grumpy I am in the morning knows I struggle to wake up every morning.  So this morning I slept in, but yesterday I ran twice and during my afternoon run, it started raining… It was GREAT!

Rain running


I have come to the conclusion that running in light rain may just be the best thing ever, not a torrential down pour (running in that sucks) but when its raining enough that your hair gets wet and your skin is cooled but the bottom half of your shirt isn’t wet, does anyone get what I am saying here or am I rambling again?  Anyways, I had a really really great run, I must have looked like an idiot actually, running with the biggest smile on my face while very obviously caught in the rain – which lets face it angers 98% of the population when it happens.

I felt like I was back running Two Oceans, just not as wet cos well 3 hrs of running in the rain isn’t fun, but 30 mins of running in the rain is 🙂

Justine Joy’d it 😉


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