February 2, 2013

It’s a Saturday, I am not hungover (am I ever these days? God I miss Justine on Vodka so much) so as ‘fit’ people do my friend Danielle (@DanielleAmbz) and I planned at 7:30 to go running around St Stithians (Which is actually a pretty sweet chilled route if any of you want a change from your usual running route)

You may ask yourself why this post is called #GiraffeRun its cos we are both ridiculously tall (and good looking, and sexy)

Anyways much fun was had, we ran, we walked, we chatted, we gossiped, we laughed all while burning some calories – we then had breakfast afterwards but the exercise cancelled that out (or we like to think it did)

Then since we are friends thanks to Twitter, and Dani is an Instagrammer, she just HAD to Instagram her running shoes cos “Pictures or it didn’t happen”

@DanielleAmbz shoes, post #GiraffeRun

All in all, a winning working out for a Saturday morning.  Also I think I may be trying some climbing for my next exercise experience, but I’ll let you know about that.

Also I hate working out with a friend (or used to) so the fact that today was enjoyable and I worked up a little sweat means that Dani gets 10 points in the friend category and I may be open to working out with people now…. Holla at me for a run yo!


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