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Go home BMI calculator, you’re drunk
February 8, 2013 By Justine Joy

This morning I woke up, put on my smallest pair of jeans, and then a belt cos nothing fits me properly anymore and I wont buy my new “Well done for all the hard work” wardrobe till I have reached my goal weight (Hurry up March and being mistaken for Heidi Klum)

So, I am only a month and a half away from hitting my goal weight right, so this morning I was like ‘Let me check out my BMI’ cos that must be looking amazing.  Don’t.  Don’t ever check your BMI ever, stupid f**king useless thing, I am sure the one I used was drunk or broken.  I am literally the thinnest/fittest most toned I have been in like ever and my BMI is telling me ridiculous things that frankly I have NO time for.  Assholes, how dare you shit on my rainbow so early in the morning!

Girl in Bikini
What I shall look like on the beach in March

That being said after the initial “F**k you” and swearing at my screen I was like, “Shall just have to eat less and run more” to get these last 8kgs off.  And I will do it in record time.  So take THAT BMI! Challenge Accepted!

I was going to embed a BMI calculator in this post, but I wont do that, because I want you all to be happy and motivated in the morning.


Stay fit. Stay happy. Stay healthy and Justine Joy life

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