Good changes
February 4, 2013

In an ongoing attempt to be the best possible version of myself and cut out all the crap from my life my friend @Michelle_LT and I have decided that we are breaking old habits and finding cool, active ways to hang out.  On Sunday instead of driving to a restaurant and having lunch (even if it is healthy) we decided that we would walk somewhere, have coffee and walk back because burning calories with a friend while catching up is like killing 3 birds with 1 stone.

So we got active and walked to coffee.  We did 9.34 kms.  5kms odd  there, sat down had a Tab and a glass of water and walked back (uphill might I add – feel.the.burn).  It was one of the best ways I have spent a Sunday morning in a long time.  Endorphin’s are so like the new cocaine.

Walking route
Route we walked

We didn’t break any records, we didn’t walk slowly but we were by no means on of those crazy power walkers, just a brisk walking – as if you were going into Sandton City to buy one item and one item only, no browsing, just the walk of determination, focused, no distractions by pretty things, that kind of walking speed haha

I really suggest you try this next time you want to hang out with a friend, don’t meet up for coffee, get active.  Do things.  Make small simple changes and I promise the changes will change you ten fold and make you feel 100% better about yourself.

Check out our stats below, when last did you burn 800 calories while ‘Having coffee with a friend”?  I rest my case


Workout Stats


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