February 11, 2013

Today is International Hug A Tall Person Day (You can join the event here and be creepy all day hugging every tall person you meet)

What are the up sides of #HugATallPersonDay you ask?

Why should I celebrate this day if I am vertically challenged? Well, if you are a shorter man, you should be trying to hug a tall girl today just because the boobs to face ratio is in your favour

Tall People Problems

Tall people need a day of hugs, because we live with the following on a daily basis:

  1. Idiots asking questions like “How is the air up there?” – (Ps. Its better than the air down there) 
  2. Really hot short guys that are just NOT an option for most tall girls
  3. Standing at the back of photos with your friends is the ONLY option
  4. Baths that just aren’t long enough
  5. Constantly being asked to get stuff off of the top shelf
  6. Being hated on for standing in front of people at concerts
  7. Having to sit down to talk to people
  8. Ducking to walk through doors
  9. One size fits all. Lies
  10. Everyone looks to the tall person in an emergency
  11. Having NO leg room on planes
  12. No I do not play basketball.  Do you play miniature golf?
  13. Dresses that become shirts

Tall People Problems

See, we get it tough – when we aren’t being scouted to model or being forced into the NBA 😉

So, hug a tall person today!


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