Murphys Law – For Runners
February 5, 2013

Just some things to look forward to as you embark on the ‘becoming a runner’ journey


1.  If the road you are running becomes narrow, that is the point where two cars coming from opposite directions will appear (also probably a puddle)

2.  Furthest point from a bathroom, and you will need to go

3.  It will at some point in your running career start raining 5 mins into a run and stop 5 mins before you finish (Need a I remind you of Two Oceans Maraswim 2012)

4. When running hills on a windy day. You will always get a head wind when you are going uphill and a tail wind when you are going downhill (aren’t I right Cape Town?)

5.  First day of bright shiny new running shoes, you will step in a puddle

6.  Furthest point from a bathroom, and you will need to go

7.  During an early morning run, that flickering street light will go off as you run underneath it

8.  The day you have a bad run and decide to walk, someone you know will drive past

9.  You’re best picture on the day of the race you have been training for will be marred by an old or fat person walking the 5km that shares a course with your race

And then I just had to add this Someecard, cos it’s what I think whenever anyone passes me

Running card

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    I have a fat / old person in just about EVERY finish line photo that I have!


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