Old habits die hard
February 15, 2013

I am battling with my biggest vice at the moment, snacking.  I have always been a “snacker” and its probably how I put on weight in the first place, and because of that I am constantly aware of it.

The snacking habit that I thought I had over come is however raising it’s ugly head, to try and hinder my progress and be an asshole basically.

I am very committed, its a personality trait of mine that I am proud to have, if I set my mind to something I WILL achieve it, and if you could see what I looked like 2 years ago compared to today, it would shock you and that take serious commitment.  Commitment aside, snacking is MY problem so when two parts of your life collide and your willpower slips one can’t help but panic. I am panicking.  I could become committed to snacking – imagine that!!!! You guys!!!!

“Hi, I am Justine and I have been breaking my eating plan to snack”


I said it.

I am human (although I don’t think that is an excuse) and the guilt of breaking my eating plan and training program has been eating me alive, and the guilt has been making me snack more.  See its a cycle.  I had to blog about it because I am sure there are people out there battling with exactly the same problem I am having at the moment.

It all started when I was invited to a Lifestyle Event through Twitter – there was a chocolate tasting and a high tea.  I haven’t have a carb or sugar in over 4 months and well, the chocolate tasting won.  One little piece of truffle turned into tasting all the 5 pieces of chocolate on my plate which then turned in to “Oh, I will just have a cupcake” which turned into two cupcakes and fuck, it was all down hill from there – I contemplated Bulimia for the next 4 hours.

I thought to myself, that’s it, one cheat in a 6 month program, Justine, that’s NOT bad at all, but then I got sent Valentines day gifts and although they were Fruit Bouquets (which is totally healthy) the Apples were covered in caramel and I didn’t scrap the caramel off, and well, I ate two of them.  See, downward spiral.

All I can think of is that friends episode called “The One With the Football” were Ross shouts at Monica “CHEATER, CHEATER, COMPULSIVE EATER!!” – that’s totally me at the moment.

But I am blogging today to say that I am nipping it at the bud, and being ruthless and cutting out the problem from my diet – bye bye snacks – Hello Heidi Klum by the end of March.




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