Running Summary
February 11, 2013

I have decided to mash two blog posts into one because yesterday after the #GiraffeRun with Danielle I was too lazy to blog and I went and had coffee with one of my best mates instead.  I was active OK  so I was allowed to go an and have a catch up session.

That being said I went to a gorgeous life Style event (Thanks Russell Hobbes Appliances) and for the first time since my eating program started in October 2012, I cheated.  I feel awful about it, sick to my stomach actually, but when you’re at a event and you are being served the worlds best chocolate by a Chocolatier you kind of have to just be  like “F**k it, what is a few pieces of Chocolate going to do? And a cupcake, and a few nibbles from the high tea table”? Well I will tell you what, your body that has not had a carbohydrate or sugar in over 3 months will go into shock and you will feel so sick you wonder if you can actually go on living, that’s if the guilt of cheating doesn’t kill you first – I am actually just lucky to be alive.

So I had to re-introduce morning running today in an effort to get myself back in check (And lose the weight I put on from the chocolate that actually wasn’t worth it looking back now) and not feel like I have failed as a health freak.

Set my alarm for 4 am  did a 4.7 km jog and was at work and showered by 6 am.

Hello Monday and this new week, I plan to dominate you!


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