Running with Weights
March 11, 2013

Running with Weights, kinda sounds like “Running with weight” and that’s why we all started running, isn’t it? We run to be fitter and get that extra weight off of our bones… Then it becomes an addiction, like with me (and I am hoping with all of you too)

Run Heart

So the questions is, if you run with ankle/wrist weights will you get more toned and lose weight quicker?  The answer is no.  A Big Fat NO.  (Luckily I did some research before purchasing some funky weights that matched my tres chic running gear)

Weights aren’t the answer, yes they used to be very popular (think back to your mom doing workouts in a leotard with them strapped to her wrists and ankles – or was that only my Mom? Awkward) in the 80’s and early 90’s and you will burn a few more extra calories but you will also slow down and the reduced pace means burning less calories anyways, so it kinda balances itself out.

Weights on your wrist when you’re running aren’t the answer either as the swinging motion you make when you are running is not specific enough to do anything really effective.  Rather go for a run and before or after (the run) do 3 sets of 5-10 press-ups, it’s way better than strapping weights to your wrist.

If running with weights alters your running style in that you tend to lean forward, back or to one side more when using the weights then definitely don’t add weights, as you can cause yourself some serious injury

…and that’s all I have to say about that, hope it helped

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