Why do YOU work out?
March 26, 2013

You know that feeling you get at 4:30 am when your alarm clock goes off and you think you yourself “I’m just going to hit snooze, this ONE time“, next thing you know its 6 am, you have been tapping your snooze button for so long you feel like you need to sneak out the room before it wakes up and realises what you are doing?

Well it’s natural to feel like the last thing you want to do is work-out in the morning.  The only thing I usually want to do at 4:30 am is well, sleep more… sometimes I to tap on my snooze button and sleep a little longer than I should, or miss a morning work out, but I feel shitty afterwards for doing it.

So next time you feel like you don’t want to get up and “klap it” at the gym or hit the road running, think of WHY you started working out in the first time – or write a list that you can look at to remind yourself why you workout.  For example, I work out for the following reasons:

  1. Feeling Healthy
  2. Looking like a babe naked – Rather just looking like Heidi Klum
  3. The feeling after a workout
  4. Dealing with my emotions
  5. Stress relief
  6. Challenging myself
  7. Accomplishment
  8. Runners high
  9. Feeling the burn in your muscles and working through it
  10. Fitting into teeny tiny jean sizes

Granted working out makes me feel good and it has made me look much better too, but I am human, some days I would rather drink a cup of coffee and smash a box of rusks in my face than be getting sweaty and gross – so find out why you work out and use that as motivation to get moving.

Justine Joy it 😉


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