Night time trail runs
April 24, 2013

I am all about doing new fun and fascinating things and testing myself to see if I can in fact do them.  So when my friend got hold of me and was like “Hey, come try trail running” and then proceeded with “Oh, by the way it’s at night time” I was kind of intrigued and thought “Agh, if not, why not?”.  So off I went.


“Head Lamp Up”

 I suggest that any road runners trying trail running for the first time start with a “baby” distance just to adjust and see what you are in for (I chose the baby 4km distance because I am unfit and lazy but Hey, this is a judgment free zone)  – However I am glad I was being lazy because as a first timer the adjustment from road running to trail running is quite different in that your ankles take more strain from not running on flat ground as well as stopping and starting to ‘Jump up’ or ‘Step down’ which really does mess with your running rhythm (or did with mine).  That being said, it was different but super fun.  The night races are held at Golf Courses around Johannesburg and run by a company called Kinetic Gear, everyone arrives with their head lamps (or head lamps can be bought there) and attacks the course for some trail running fun, and that’s exactly what it is, fun.  I highly recommend it.

My first trail run went much better than I thought it had actually, I came 37th out of I think it was 101 people, my time for the 4km course (see, 4kms, I am lazy now) was 20 minutes  or 21 minutes which I mean isn’t bad going, I’m pretty impressed with that.  Go Justine.

I definitely want to get better and faster and do more trail runs because who doesn’t love Endorphins? Even if I curse everyone and their mother while I am doing them.

Have any of you done trail runs?  Which ones and how did you find them?  I would love to hear from you.


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