Pain is temporary
April 3, 2013

Yesterday I did my first Gain Fitness Digital Personal Trainer workout.  Today I cannot move.

So due to my excessive stiffness, being miserable because I didn’t have enough energy to brush my teeth properly this morning (thanks to my arm muscles being so sore) I am just going to post pics to remind myself WHY I put my body through so much pain and why I am living on Chicken breasts and vegetables for the foreseeable future.

I do it because I want butt and abs like this:

Toned Torso

and legs that go on for days, like these shmodels:

Models legs


So I can look like this on the beach in December

Bikini Body


When I feel as sore as I do today I remember how far I have come, how close I am to reaching my goals and I get motivated all over again.

I am worth it, you are worth it and to reach your goals you need to work for it!

Work For it

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  1. That first picture…. Sweet…. baby…. Jesus…..


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