Supporter Signs you want to see during a race
April 22, 2013

I have really rad readers, and sometimes these really rad readers send me cool stuff, so cool that I have to share it with you all (also because it’s super funny)

So imagine this, you are 15 kms into that 21 km half marathon and you hurt, you hurt so bad, you can’t remember a time when your thighs didn’t feel like jelly and you can feel your toe nails falling off (I never said running was a pretty sport), but then you come around the corner and you see one of these signs…. It sure would make me smile.

I bless you all with this some of the best signs by race spectators, ever.

Running sign 2

Running sign 8

Running sign 7

Running sign 6

Running sign 5

Running sign 4

Running sign 3

Running sign 1

Running Sign




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