Taking a break
April 29, 2013

“WE ARE ON A BREAK” – If you don’t get that line and you didn’t watch Friends back in the day, how are WE friends? (We’re probably not)  That being said, I am on a break, a break from my DIEt cos it is literally killing me, (hence the DIEt emphasis) and a break from working out.

After 7+ months of no drinking alcohol, no eating of carbs, no dairy and worse of all NO SUSHI OR CHOCOLATE I have given myself a break.  Not a long break, just a week, but a break that was very much needed.

I literally feel like a kid in a candy store (cos I had candy this weekend, it was so good it felt like a religious experience) and I got to experience all these things that I felt like I had been missing out on because I have been on the worlds strictest eating plan for 7+ Months.  I mean you guys, I FINALLY had Wakaberry Frozen Yoghurt! It lived up to the hype, I may have eaten so much that I felt sick after, but I was sick and I was happy and it was glorious!

Wakaberry FroYo

Taking a break is a good thing,  I feel as if its a healthy thing to do.

I was beating myself up so badly because I was freaking out that I had lost my Willpower (which as we all know is amazing) and I was cheating and falling off the band wagon too often, and then feeling awful because I was cheating and it was just the most awful cycle that I was going through.

I am sure ANYONE who has ever had been on an eating program has had this problem with cheating and this is usually the point where they fall off, and never get back on, I don’t want to be that person, I am not that person, and THAT is why I am taking a break from being healthy for a bit, to live a little.

I hope you all live a little, have a few glasses of wine, eat that red velvet cupcake if you want it, take a break, have a break… sometimes its the healthy option, it’s the reason we get given “days off” from work, because your body, and your brain just need a break.

So basically what is happening in my life till I start all over again on the 1st of May is:

Eating Food


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