The perks of having “Foodies” as Friends
April 30, 2013

So tomorrow is the 1st of May, or ‘May Day’ as the Zimbabweans call it, it is also a public holiday and the perfect day to start my super strict health regime all over again.

I have enjoyed these last few days with my “Pizza for Breakfast”, “Milk in my Coffee”, “Chocolate as a food group” eating habits, yes I have been eating worse than I ever have in my life before and I MAY have put on a kg or two, but I’ll lose it quickly so I ain’t bovvered.

That being said, I have this lovely friend, and said lovely friend is a Foodie.  She also makes the most delicious brownies this side of the Equator (and probably the other side of the Equator too) which you can get through her soon to be “beautiful little bakery and deli serving freshly baked breads and gorgeous sandwiches” called The Counter

That being said. I gave Meg a challenge “MAKE MY DIET LESS BORING” I even typed it in Caps Lock, cos I meant SERIOUS business.  So she came to the rescue with delicious healthy alternatives for me to make such as Cauliflower Dip, Chimichurri and Tomato and Chilli Salsa to name a few. Thank you Meg, THANK YOU!

You need to all check out her recipes on her blog Little Food Baby – Trust my taste buds, you WANT to try these things out.

Love you Meg, and thank you, again



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