Win some Guilt Free Indulgence with Canderel
April 5, 2013

There are many things that I dream of having in my perfect world a few of them would be

  1. Having a pet Panda
  2. Unicorns still exist
  3. Having the metabolism of a Victoria Secrets model
  4. Eating chocolate every day without getting fat

Lucky for us the good folks at Canderel are letting me (and you) get that much closer to living in a perfect world with their range of chocolates that taste just as yummy but with less sugar than other chocolate brands (Thank you Canderel Chocolate making Gods).

Not only do Canderel chocolates have less sugar so you can indulge in your chocolate fix without feeling guilty, they also come in a wide variety of flavours and textures that will tantalize the taste buds of even the most sophisticated of chocolate connoisseurs.

So you can be fit, healthy and eat chocolate, without sacrificing on taste or feeling guilty (Canderel chocolates are also suitable for diabetics, because NO ONE should be excluded from a chocolate fix)

Canderel and I think that one of you lucky people deserve some guilt free indulgence.

Would you like to win a this awesome Canderel Bubble hamper filled with Chocolate, Champers and bubble bath to relax, unwind and spoil yourself?

Canderel Giveaway

I know we have all broken diets for a ‘treat’ now you can treat yourself without feeling guilty thanks to Canderel.

To enter all you need to do it in the comments section of this blog post is tell me what your biggest indulgence is  the best one wins a guilt free hamper.  Easy right?  So get commenting


*NB This giveaway is only available to people living in South Africa

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  1. Dark chocolate and red wine 🙂

  2. Why you make me hungry for chocolate?!

    Indulgence: Lindt’s Organge flavoured dark chocolate. Ferck. Now I’m craving tjoklits, and I’ve just managed to get rid of the bad habit… Oh well.


  3. I must’ve been a woman in my past life. Not only does a kitchen look appealing at times but my absolute weakness is to stop at a garage/shop and not buy a chocolate. When the craving kicks (this is a daily affair) I have to get in my car and satisfy my craving

    1. I’m glad that is not only me… hate petrol station shops and the fact they are ALWAYS open.

  4. How scandalous am I allowed to be in my comment? ;p My biggest indulgence? Hmmmm a bottle of fat bastard chardonnay, homemade pizza and a hottie boy to share with. Not to forget a slice of cake and kisses for afters 😉

  5. For me – Zimbabwe! Living in Cape Town means that I have to save up most of the year to be able to fly home (and pay my way as the fam dont live there anymore – makes it even more of an indulgence), for a mere 2 weeks, but it is more than worth it! To indulge in the ‘Zim way of life’ – making a plan, sun-downers at Kariba, or just braai time with the friends. I indulge my inner Zimbabe who is constantly missing home! BOOM xo

    1. HAHAHAHAH Kariba people..

  6. Ice cream. That is all.

  7. Champagne and Choclates

  8. Chocolate and Coffee in bed (It’s my favourite breakfast!) <- My second favourite? Chocolate cake, in bed. Yum! (Yes I do know realize how ridiculously bad this is for me!)


  10. Without feeling guilty I love my chocolate and thanks to Canderel I can indulge myself in a wide variety of flavours and textures. I life healthy and go to the gym and watch my sugar intake so I use Canderel daily,,


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