Cyclists, I finally understand
May 29, 2013

Some of you may not know this but I have a Love Hate relationship with cyclists.  I think most runners do, mainly because

1. They are rude on the road

2. Really don’t care that they are sharing the road with you

However, I am finally getting some insight into why they are so flippin’ grumpy thanks to my new love for spinning.


Cyclists are grumpy because they are in pain, and I don’t think its the “I am really stiff because I cycled up Mt. Everest this morning” either…. The butt to bike seat ratio does not make for a happy cyclist, it’s science really.

I am living proof of this at the moment, see I have been spinning lately in an attempt to “switch things up”, now I am pretty fit and I must admit I haven’t found spinning as hard as everyone makes it out to be, yes it’s a challenge but it’s not as scary as I initially thought, however I am in pain because seriously, who was the twat who designed the seat of a bicycle? It is not conducive to comfort and as a results my butt hurts, it hurts real bad. My butt hurts so bad in fact that after my first spin class I decided at the next one that I would not sit on that awful seat again, so I didn’t and today my legs hurt, but my butt feels better.

So, I am sorry cyclists for giving you a hard time, I totally get it now


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