Drugs in Sport
May 23, 2013

So, I have something to say. Here ye, hear ye.

What is up with sportsmen and sportswoman using drugs lately, I mean they aren’t even using the fun, recreational drugs either, the type people take to “have the best weekend at Oppikoppi ever”.

I am getting sick of sporting heroes taking steroids, why do they do it?  When did natural talent, and hard work stop being enough?

The reason I am writing this article (even though it’s a little late considering the hype has died down by now) is because as a runner, I look up to female runners well, actually I look up to any sportsman but in this instance there is a lady who REALLY got me angry. Natalia Volgina.

Who is Natalia Volgina you may ask? She is the Russian lady who won the 2013 Two Oceans marathon in a time of 3:38:38. Which is amazing (as I first thought when I watched her cross the finish line and dreamed that I too could possibly do that one day) but no it’s actually not that amazing… Natalia tested positive for banned substances – frankly due to her being Russian I am a little more irritated that they didn’t find copious amounts of Vodka in her blood system.

So I have come up with an idea, as I can no longer deal with having people like Natalia Volgina and Lance Armstrong ruin my views on sports people I admire.  I can no longer stare at Gerard Pique and think to myself “well, maybe he only managed to do that because he is on ‘roids oke”, or look at Usain Bolt and think “Suuuuuure, you’re pretty fast, or do you have a pretty good drug dude who’s number you ain’t sharing with Yohan Blake?”.  It has skewed how I look at sportsmen and that makes me angry. I AM ANGRY!

So here is my idea: Make steroids and banned substances legal, hell make anything and everything legal!

Imagine.  Now THAT is some sport I wanna see.  Imagine all the records that would be broken!

I want to see woman that look like men.  I want to see dudes with arms the size of tractor tyres doing shot put.  I want some one to run the 100m in 5 seconds dammit!! I also think it would be a good idea to have a ‘normal’ person competing in an event so we can use them as a reference point and be like, “Oh, that guy riiiiiiiiiiiiight at the back beening lapped for the 4th times? Yeah. He isn’t sponsored by Nike, poor guy”.

Sport is losing it’s appeal for me, and it makes me sad, but how does one know these days if the sports star has actual talent or is just smarter than the system?

That’s my opinion on the whole thing.  As you were.


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