Eliminate the problem
May 10, 2013

I have stopped buying things that are only going to tempt me into cheating and not reaching my goal.  Bye Bye my beloved Rice Cakes and my delicious Seed/Nut Loaf, I shall see you again in 2 months!

Bye Bye Beyonce

Sometimes cutting out the crap is the best thing a girl can do ESPECIALLY when it is messing with reaching your goal.  Rice Cakes aren’t worth it, neither is seed loaf, want to know what IS worth it?  Doing 15 pulls up and running a half marathon in under 2 hours (also fitting into the “S” labelled clothes on a clothing rack is my version of Cocaine) and looking like Heidi Klum

Hiedi Klum Victoria Secrets

That is what I am focusing on:

Get better!

Be stronger!

Run Faster!

This is the ultimate reward, I am not a dog (albeit a bitch sometimes), and neither are you, don’t reward yourself with food or unnecessarily evils.

BE the best



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