Finding happiness
May 17, 2013

People say that happiness is a state of mind or rather a choice, which means that if you are unhappy it is you choice to be that way.  I am not 100% sold of this idea.  Sometimes I get really home sick and that makes me sad  and unhappy as does outside influences messing with my feelings or making me feel uneasy, it’s not that I am not choosing to be happy it is that my happiness is being messed with by outside influence, that  for the most part is out of my control.

I am a pretty positive person, I don’t ever really get upset,  emotional or throw fits like most girls I know, and if I do I only give myself 15 minutes to be upset about something (especially if it is out of my control) and believe me in those 15 minutes I get REALLY upset, I pull out all the stops from ‘the ugly cry’,  to screaming into my pillow, and jumping up and down like a 5yr old, I have even been known to kick shit.  I can go full retard and be emotional for 15 minutes because after that I don’t allow it to affect me any longer (or at least I try my damnest to not let it affect me) and I think this is how for 95% of my life, I am genuinely happy.


Happiness is no easy task, trust me it’s harder than trying to find Wally in that one scene were everyone is wearing Red and White striped tops (you know the one I am talking about – if you don’t sorry about your lack of a childhood), but it is possible, it’s very possible and when you are happy everything just seems to work out for you too.

My darling Momma Bear always says “Positive happy thoughts attract positive happy actions, Negative thoughts attract negative actions”, without getting wishy washy it really is true – ever woken up in the hurt yourself on the way to the bathroom or to make your first cup of coffee? You get angry don’t you? And from that moment on, EVERYTHING seems to go wrong because “When it rains it pours” right? Wrong! Yes be angry, it’s the morning, you’re still half Zombie with no personality, get really really fucking angry and over react, then laugh at yourself and get over it, for the sake of your day – trust me.

Find your happiness, and when you do don’t let anyone mess with it for more than 15 minutes

I am basically a motivational speaker now, call me! 😉


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