Get that time down
May 7, 2013

I have had one mission lately ‘become a better runner’ and by better I mean faster.  So with that goal in mine my friend Curtis who is does km’s in under 5 mins took me for a run (Crap).

4 kms in just over 20 mins which means that I averaged about 1 km in just under 6 mins which is pretty good going even if I do say so myself.  Yes I was exhausted (especially since you have to run up the biggest hill ever to get home) but I did it, and next time I will be faster for longer…. which is exciting.

I have a new excitement for life and working out that I had lost.

I give all the credit for my new excitement for life to the Baz Luhrmann Song with possibly some of the best advice you will ever receive (and one of my fav songs in the whole wide world). Have a listen below and I hope it hits a few notes with you and gives you the motivation you needed to keep on keeping on!



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