Pulls ups. Challenge accepted
May 9, 2013

I have never had great upper body strength, something that isn’t that noticeable because considering how weak they are, my arms are pretty defined, which is strange I know (thank you gene pool)

My cousin (bless his 19yr old sole) made me watch some videos of a guy called Hannibal and since watching said videos I just feel like before I die, I need to be able to do a pull up.  So this is the mission, and I have chosen to accept it.

“Yussus mainers, I’m going to me so flippin ripped, it is ganna be crayzee

I am unsure how to even begin with this “Do a pull up before I die” mission but I have done some You tube searching (all great research starts on You tube really) and when I can finally do one, I shall record my own video to show you all.  This also needs a time limit, so by December, I shall be doing pull ups like it ‘ain’t no thang but a chicken wang’

So here is the video that inspired me (I know its a bunch of dudes, but thanks to feminism that isn’t a valid excuse anymore, if they can do it, then ladies, we can do it

So that is the mission, do pulls ups and have the most babe worthy arms the world has ever seen (Eat your heart out Heidi Klum – jokes, don’t eat your heart, I love you Heidi)

At the moment this is the reality of me doing anything related to arms works out



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