Get moving…
June 4, 2013

I am not a “hitting the gym” kind of person, ever wonder why with ANY other account you basically need to hand over your paper trail from grade school and your working organs, but walk into an gym with an ID (sometimes it doesn’t even have to be yours just someone who looks A LOT like you) and some cash and Boom you have a gym contract – I wish opening a bank account or buying a car was that easy.

Lets be serious about it though my thoughts haven’t changed even with my new shiny gym membership and my new love for spinning classes….. I still feel like exercise machines are just torture devices with better marketing campaigns.

Case and point: ‘The Headcrusher’ that frankly looks like something out of the weights section or ‘Muscle Pit’ as I fondly call it at your local gymMedieval Headcrusher

However, “Winter is coming” which means you have 3 months to get super duper fit and toned and look like Heidi Klum (or Ryan Reynolds – if you don’t have lady parts) it also means stop watching Game of Thrones (*Side Track* That last episode of GOT though, OMG you guys!!!) and get into the gym, start running, get active and set some achievable goals!

Ryans Reynolds Shirtless
For the love of abs

I am getting distracted the reason for this post was for you all to watch some motivational videos that make you feel all fuzzy inside and get active so here goes:

1. For everyone who has had to fight many a demon to lose weight or get to a fitness goal, this one will resonate with you

2. ┬áIf you’re not a runner yet, you will be (This one made me laugh)



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