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June 28, 2013

Yussus oke, Yussus, do you you even lift?

Did you klap it?

Veins oke, chicks dig veins!

Spot me boy, Spot me.

All the above are regular sayings in a gym anywhere in South Africa because lets face it, stereotypes are REAL and they are working out in a gym near you.

You probably go it the gym and think to yourself:

I wish I could work out that hard.  I wish I could lift that much.  I wish I looked that good in a vest.  Well, you can… with the right work out, a great eating plan, a health dose of motivation and two scoops of determination ANYTHING is possible.

I have some cool supplements to recommend to you to that I came across by FiT Sports Lab, which are really rad, and “au natural” which means they contain none of the stuff that is bad for you such as artificial flavourants, preservatives and colourants. Eat clean, train mean vibes.

I investigated FiT sports supplements further and found out that not only are they natural but they were originally formulated by Colin Frohlich a competitive endurance athlete and cancer survivor *Insert Lance Armstrong type vibes here*, which means that this dude knows first hand the synergy between the immune system and sport.

FiT Cyclists

FiT Sports Laboratories was founded in 1996 making it one of the oldest and reputable supplement brands in SA (They were doing it before Jersey Shore and Jozi Shore you guys, so we know they are not in it to make a quick buck from the worlds sudden interest in fitness)

The reason why I am Pro-FiT is because the guys running the show are all athletes themselves, so they KNOW what is needed to achieve results and aren’t selling a “quick fix” they provide all the stuff we KNOW you need to be the best you, such as healthy eating and a good training program they just advise FiT supplementation to aid you in your journey.

FiT Cyclist racing

At the end of the day, us health conscious people are looking for a balance between fitness and healthy living and products that support our lifestyle at the same time while offering natural benefits. FiT’s advanced natural benefits make it suitable for all age groups, including young children and it also supports diabetic sufferers.

Check them out on Twitter @fitsportslab or on Facebook FiT Sports Lab



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