Spin it to win it
June 12, 2013

Running? What is that? I am all about spinning at the moment, it’s my new drug.  My legs hate me and on any given day standing for long periods of time is an issue but, the stiffness is worth every second.  Spinning is literally the most fun I have had exercising in a long time.  I love it.

Here is what I have learnt about spinning in the short time I have been doing it:

1. Your legs are stronger than you think

2. Standing up to cycle is easier than sitting down

3. “Breakaway’s” make me feel like I am winning the Tour de France

4. If your spinning instructor is a total babe, you are more likely to listen to and follow their every request with regard to resistance levels

5. Water breaks make me crazy happy

6. Read the gym schedule, or 45 minutes into a class you will find out it’s a 90 minutes class (I basically rode the Argus that day)

7. Don’t tell your runner friends that you now like to cycle – even animals don’t like cyclists case and point:

Horse biting cyclist

8. Get to a class early, and get a seat at the back unless you are totally comfortable with 50+ people staring at your bum being in the air (If you are, good on you, you babe)

9. Your bum will be sore the next day, but the post-workout high makes it worth it

So go and get involved in a spinning class if you haven’t already cos you have to be “spin it to win it”



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