10 lessons I have learnt from the gym
July 18, 2013

I go to gym quite a lot and in the last few months I have learnt the following things from my fellow gym goers:

1. Older woman are super confident and sometimes that isn’t a good thing.  The 60+ year old lady with the camel toe and the neon JT top, I am looking at you

2. Modesty isn’t always the word of the day in the locker room. That’s unfortunate

3. 5pm to 7pm is a “No go” gym time. Avoid the gym at all costs during rush hour, queuing for treadmills and or weights is not fun.

4. If you plan on doing anything that requires twisting, bendy or any “Karma sutra” like poses (Yoga enthusiasts this one is for you) don’t wear shorts.

5. Clothes, food, and vitamin shakes are 50% more expensive when being sold inside of a gym

6. People who talk on their cell phones while on cardio equipment don’t get the whole gym thing

7. Wet machines aren’t always the result of sanitizing spray

8. Expensive gym clothes do not make you get fitter faster

9. Good music can make a cardio session fly by

10.  There is no way to look cool doing crunches, just embrace the fact that you look like you are trying to angrily head-butt your crotch



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