Gym Etiquette: Inappropriate vs. Appropriate
July 11, 2013
  1. Grunting so loudly that it sounds like you are having a sexual experience in the free-weights zone. – Inappropriate
  2. Using the paper towel provided or a personal towel to wipe excess sweat off of the treadmill/machinery – Appropriate
  3. Spending an unnecessary amount of time naked in the changing room, doing what can only be described as naked yoga and sitting on everything with you bare buttocks – Inappropriate
  4. Talking loudly so everyone can hear your conversation about how Stephanie “the whore” didn’t put out on your birthday – Inappropriate
  5. Taking steroids – Inappropriate
  6. Respecting people’s property by keeping your filthy klepto-hands off of their gym clothes/bag/personal equipment – Appropriate
  7. Making eye contact with anyone whilst they are squatting – Inappropriate
  8. Dropping weights with such force that I start running for high ground in fear of a potential Tsunami hitting – Inappropriate
  9. Putting the correct weight pairs together in the weights rack once you have used them – Appropriate
  10. Leaving belongings in the shower. This includes but is not limited to: shampoo, soap, deodorant, towels, sponges, excess body hair, bodily fluids, solid waste or any other personal items – Inappropriate
  11. Moving quickly to the next machine or off of the gym equipment you were using once you have finished with it – Appropriate
  12. Putting your mouth directly on the water dispenser – Inappropriate
Girl with Weights
Put the weights back or I will punch you in the face with them

Those are just a few of the things I can think of off of the top of my head that irritate me or please me while at the gym

Lets work together to make the gyms more Appropriate than Inappropriate, deal?

Good chat kids, Good chat.

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  1. Talking to me while I am naked, or while you are naked, in the change room – Inappropriate
    Lifting a leg onto the bench next to me in the change room to rub cream all over your bare body in front of my face – Inappropriate

    I could go on. I clearly have a problem with the change rooms 😉

    1. I agree with ALL of the above! 😉

  2. And couples being all touchy. And people chit-chatting to you when you’re clearly sweaty. I find gym should be a minimal place of interaction – but that could be just me.

    1. I interact with the gym equipment, and the gym equipment ONLY


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