Hi, I’ll have some new habits please!
July 12, 2013

Creating new habits is hard, but as hard as it is, trust me the rewards are worth more – does that make sense?

I am going to give you some advice on how you can change your filthy habits into new clean ones


Get Motivated

Get motivated for the RIGHT reason.  You want to improve YOUR life, YOU want to get better, YOU want to make more money, YOU want to be fitter, YOU want to fit into a super small pair of jeans.  It needs to be all about you, that’s the only way you will succeed.  If you are doing it for someone else you are setting yourself up to fail.  Yes he may like you if you were thinner, but that makes him shallow, yes you may have more friends if you were richer, but that makes your friends shallow too.  If you want to change, change for you, because without sounding like a total fucking cliche, you are worth it and until you realise that, no one else will. Truth story bro. 

Start Small

You are never going to succeed is you decide on Monday that you are going to be able to run a marathon by Friday (ok, I am exaggerating, but you get the point – yes?).  I started small, all I wanted to do was run a half marathon and get fit enough to do that in 6 months.  Running 21 km may not seem small to some, but it was to me because I had already one year into flipping my whole life upside down and making changes because I was not happy with me.  Setting the bar low also reduces the likelihood that you’ll get discouraged and drop your habit because it’s ‘too challenging’.  How was the empire state building built? It started with ONE brick 😉 (Wow, I sound like a prick)

Do not criticize 

Internal criticism is the kryptonite of building new habits and you’ll find it much easier to create a sustainable habit if you’re on your own side.  Hear what your inner critic has so say say but don’t be controlled by it.  Get it? Got it? Good!

Ask for support

Tell your friends and family what you are doing and ask them to help you, tell Granny no more Chocolate Cake when you go visit, tell your friends that instead of going to lunch to catch up you are now going to get active and go for a walk or something, you don’t need to eat to “catch up”, your friends and family will surprise you with how supportive they can be.

Be accountable 

Its why I started this blog in the first place – I knew if I wrote down my goal of running Two Oceans was seen by someone other than myself and my family I would be way more likely to make as sure as hell that I did it, cos how embarrassing if I didn’t, right? (and I did it, BOOYAH BITCHES)

Set a regular schedule 

Setting aside a specific time for your new habit daily and knowing that, come hell or high water you have to do it is a great way to pick up a new habit.  For example, don’t call me from 18:30 to 19:30 daily, I am at the gym, I wont answer I am in my place of worship OR I am out on a run

Have a goal in mind

Write down the goal, yes you know what it is, but writing something down and sticking is somewhere where you see it every day makes it real, cos seeing is believing people! Make sure your goal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based – the fact that I remember that means that my fancy schmacy private university education wasn’t a total waste of time, Dad will be so proud). Run Town Oceans is a SMART goal, and was therefore easy to work towards.  Set SMART goals for yourself.


I am going to go and apply for a job as a motivational speaker now.

Justine Joy it 😉







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