Like a Fat kid loves cake…
August 28, 2013

As a FFP (Former Fat Person) I love cake, the saying “Like a fat kid loves cake” is true, Fat people love cake, who doesn’t love cake? Cake is glorious.

Colourful Cake

I have been eating too much cake lately – this morning I stepped on the scale expecting to see Heidi Klum, and I got Queen Latifah instead.  FML.

It’s all good though I needed the shock to get back on track.  To be honest I haven’t been “on track” lately, I have been “off roading” on a cake shaped mountain.  God, I love cake.

It’s tricky finding a balance – It is something I am constantly struggling with.  I have an obsessive personality and it’s either all or nothing with me.

I obsess over every kg I lose or put on, everything I put in my mouth and the amount of calories in just about everything (Did you know there are 84 calories in a glass of white wine – you have to run a km to burn that off, is a glass of wine worth it? No!)

I obsess because I know what I used to weigh and how miserable I used to be and I know what being “thin” feels like now (after being really fat), I know how differently people treat you when you are thin, I know how much nicer the world is to thin people – because I have been on the receiving end of a lot of mean in my life, sadly.

I am currently struggling to find a balance with eating and being healthy in my life, it’s hard and I am struggling with it but I look at it like this:

I obsess – it’s probably unhealthy, but at least these days I am healthy with an unhealthy obsession – I mean it could be worse, I could be a coke addict




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