The Power of Will
August 19, 2013

This is not a post about Will Smith.

Lately I have been struggling with “Being a good girl”, I have been drinking copious amounts of alcohol making some pretty good decisions and then promptly making some pretty bad ones too

I have been on the “Diet of Death” from nearly a year now and before then I was running down starvation lane (literally)

Granted everyone falls of the wagon every now and then, but ONLY Justine then offers to carry the wagon and all it’s delicious goods – and then sit around with a black look on my face thinking “But I have been spinning 4 times a week I don’t understand why I have put on 5kgs”, it’s cos you are have been eating for a family of 4 Justine, that’s why.

Today I am back on track, I made soup for lunch and this week I am going only have liquids to try and shock my body into being a lean mean machine once again.

Also I did the most hectic ab workout and it hurts to cough I am so stiff.

Summer is coming and I want to be Heidi Klum on the beach for 2013 – I WILL GET MY WILL POWER BACK DAMMIT



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