I am a runner because I….
September 30, 2013

I have come to learn that as a runner, I have quite a bit in common with other runners such as…

1. I measure all distances in my ability to run them

5kms: I can do that.

10kms: I can do that.

15kms: Hmmm, Tricky.

20kms: I used to be able to run that far

Idiot runners

2. I spend hours training so when I run it’s for a shorter time

30 minutes to an hour of running every day, averaging 10 kms a day just so that when I do run my next race, I will do it in the quickest time possible.  This is something only runners understand.

Runners checking phones

3. I refuse to let people see my toenails 

It’s not pretty.  I am never going to date a man with a foot fetish, I will probably end up marrying a runner because he will understand (Ryan would understand, maybe I should marry him, I’m down)

Ryan Understands

4. I get itchy to go running when I see someone run past me while I’m stuck in my car

Stuck in traffic and some happy mofo runs past me with his/her little shorts and vest combo listening to some sweet running tune and all I can think to myself is “I am stuck in this stupid car in my gym kit, listening to this stupid music while that runner person is having the most fun ever, no fair!”

Ryan Understands

5. I am always looking for the perfect song with the perfect beat 

Running playlists are tricky, you want to make sure the song is upbeat enough that you can get into rhythm with it, but not too fast that you you exhaust yourself trying to keep up.  The song also have to be catchy enough that should you feel like having a sneaky walk or quitting that it motivates you to push yourself that little bit further

Eye of the tiger drive by


There are quite a few other reasons, but I would like to hear from all of you in the comments section below about what makes you a runner, as I am pretty sure we all think the same sort of things


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  1. The first kilometer or two are often the HARDEST of any run. Non runners will NEVER understand the frustration of not being able to run. True runners will run in ANY weather conditions. If its raining…put on a hat and RUN! It’s beautiful! This is also the beauty of running. Anytime, anywhere.

    1. I love running in the rain!!! (Its my favourite)


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