FiT Sports Lab supplement try out
October 25, 2013

Have you guys ever taken supplements?

I never have, it’s not that I am against them quite the opposite actually, it’s just that I was always worried about bulking up and frankly I didn’t know enough about supplements to ever give them a proper try.  I am the queen of assumptions you see.

So when FiT Sports Lab sent me some supplements to try out I was wary, and then I read up on what they are all about, and I realised that it’s how you use supplements that determine whether or not you bulk up.

Considering I lost 50+ kgs of “Bulk” (who I am kidding it was just pure fat) I am in NO hurry to gain it back, I do however want to get fitter, faster and increase my general endurance, which is why I am going to be using and trying out FiT Supplements for a bit, I am excited!

I was so excited in fact that when my package arrived at my office this was my reaction (also it was my reaction when I ate one of their snack bars and they tasted REALLY good, which is rare when something is healthy)

Excited gif

If you are interested in FiT Supplements and you want to find out more you can follow them on Twitter on @FiTsportslab or like them on their Facebook Page FiT Sports Lab


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