Nike #MoveJozi2013
October 14, 2013

I love Nike runs, I really do… They are always the most fun and 2013 was no different!

I did their first ever night night were we all wore luminous yellow and ran through the streets of inner Johannesburg like a beautiful yellow caterpillar, it was a sight I will never forget, gives me chills to this day

RunJozi Banner

The second run wasn’t great, it started a bit late in the morning and with it being during ┬áthe day by 9am I was hot, bothered and just not feeling the vibe as we ran through Alexander. ┬áThat being said it is always interesting to see how other people live and running through Alexander was a HUGE eye opener for me, if I was Oprah I would have been dishing out money to everyone… Interacting with the less fortunate makes you appreciate just how lucky you are in this life (something most of us take for granted every single day)

This years Nike run was a little different in that people were split into two groups

  1. Uptown (Red shirts)
  2. Downtown (Grey Shirts)

We all started running together (Uptowners and Downtowners) on Miriam Makeba Street in Newtown and then ran together for a short distance before splitting up and going Uptown/Downtown – we then met up further on in the run and merged finishing the race together by going over Nelson Mandela Bridge and into Mary Fitzgerald Square

RunJozi 2013 Uptown Outfit

I went Downtown (which I chose to do because I love a certain Petula Clark song) and the only complaint I have is that in the beginning I started pretty far back and therefore wasn’t able to run for possibly the first 2 km which really messed up getting into a rhythm and slowed me down for the rest of the race, but other than that the Nike runs are the BEST to do for new runners, old runners, power walkers and people who just want to be active, the vibe is awesome, the people are great and its a very cool was to spend a Saturday night!

Also I got this cool medal to add to my collection

RunJozi Medal

If you haven’t done a Nike run already, I hope you sign up for the next one!




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  1. I’m so happy to have found your blog! <3

    1. YAY! A reader other than my Mom!


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