Why we should all be taking up skipping…
October 7, 2013

It is physically impossible to look sad skipping.  Quite a strong statement I know, but if you don’t believe me try and skip down the road and look miserable about it?

Everyone looks happy, skipping.  It’s just one of those things, kinda like how you you will never be able to lick you elbow…

So that is normal skipping which is cool and we should all be doing cos its fun but when it comes to working out we should all be buying skipping ropes and skipping because of the following information I stumbled across.

Did you know that Skipping with a jump rope for 10 minutes at 120 RPM produces the same cardiovascular fitness as the following activities?

  • Cycling 3.2 kms in 6 minutes
  • Jogging 30 minutes at a moderate pace
  • Running 1.6 kms in 10 minutes
  • Swimming 658m in 12 minutes
  • Playing a singles match of Tennis for 90 minutes

Even horses can skip

Horse Skipping


and dogs

Dogs and owner  skipping


and then this even happens (I just added this .gif because I LOVE Pandas)

Panda skippping

Skipping with a jump rope can achieve a “burn rate” of up to 700 calories per hour of vigorous activity which works out at roughly 0.1 calories per jump

Also skipping (with a jump rope) has the following advantages

  1. You can do it anywhere – inside, outside, in your house (if your ceilings are high enough) on you trampoline… anywhere really
  2. It works your whole body – Upper body, lower body, it all gets workout out!
  3. You don’t need to train for it – if you have legs, you can jump.  Some people may be more coordinated than others but really that’s the only thing you may have to master
  4. Probably the cheapest way to workout ever – skipping ropes are super cheap and last for years

So why aren’t we all skipping? I am going to start, with immediate effect





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