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November 12, 2013

Over the weekend I wrote about how I had decided to do Two Oceans and that I was going to start training again (which I have, yay go me!) however I am yet to decide I if I shall be doing Two Oceans or if I find another 21km to try out, anyways I am rambling…

So I have been trying out some epic supplements that have been helping me with my endurance, something that I have really been battling with lately… I even managed an epic 10km+ run over the weekend thanks to a product called CarboTrain with was sent to me by FiT Sports Lab to try out.


Fit Sports Labs is designed by athletes for athletes (yes, I am an athlete now) which is why the product is just so flippin’ good, the very guy who formulated it knew what he wanted and understood the relationship between the immune system and sport

Also there is nothing artificial about FiT products either, all their products dont contain artificial flavourants, preservatives or colourants, which is kinda amazing considering the snack bars they sent me tasted so ridiculously good that it was hard to believe the “no flavourants” claim

Snack Bars

That being said, they didn’t last long… this happened 10 minutes after my package arrived

JustineJoyIt eating snack bars


Their supplements really are super delicious and have helped me significantly with my endurance and are definitely worth a try.

The good news (if you live in South Africa) is that you can win the following to try for yourself

  • CarboTrain
  • Snack Bars
  • Supergoos Endurance Booster

Win with JustineJoyIt

All you have to do is tweet me a picture of you working out or getting active in some way (selfie’s are accepted, but not encouraged) with the following sentence:

I want to win and #getFiTboet with @punkystarfish & @FiTSportsLab

Get inventive, the most creative shot wins – Competition ends on the 18th of November

Can’t wait to see them all!



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  1. Most creative pic wins? Hhhmmmmm my creative brain is flowing, but not sure it will be PG rated hahaha

    1. TRY and keep it PG Neil, try 😉

  2. The most activity I get up to is getting off the couch and walking to the fridge – if I take a photo of that does it count?

  3. Sam – I’m sure it counts… Right, Punky? Although you probably don’t need supplements for that kind of activity…


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