First post of 2014, Hello you sexy Minx’s & Men
January 17, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope your year started with a bang (both in that it started well and if you got laid, high five!)

Mine started well, I was in Zimbabwe with my darling family and my special friends enjoying life to the fullest, and when I say fullest I mean it.  I spent 98% of my holiday eating whatever I wanted and being full, humans are disgusting (or maybe I just am)… Why do we over eat?  Eating more of something does not make it taste better, unless its chocolate which breaks all the food rules

Back to starting the year off right.

I didn’t make any resolutions other than to stop smoking (again)

I got #WhiteGirlWasted on New Years eve, so really all I SHOULD have done for my resolutions was write out everything I did that night and at the beginning of every point add the word “stop”. e.g. Stop drinking so much, Stop dancing on tables etc

Drunk Pictures
Stop taking drunk pictures with your friends, you all look like this

On that note, I am not going to be like every other person in the world and say “OMG Becky!!! 2014 is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER” (Which I could actually do, because I have a friend called Rebecca)

However if anyone says to me “Haven’t seen you in a year!!” in an attempt to be clever, I am going to avoid them for all of 2014. (You have been warned)

Here is to 2014 I wish you and I a year of or filled with:

1. No drama

2. Great friends

3. Health, Wealth and Happiness

4. Laughs

5. Love


Stay healthy, stay happy!

Ex oh Sex oh,





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