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News Years Resolution is a go
January 21, 2014 By Justine Joy

So there is something you guys may not know about me…

I take New Years Resolutions VERY seriously! I have never broken one.

I have given up Fizzy Drinks, Chocolate, Smoking, and swearing.

I have taken up running, going to gym 3 times a week minimum and competing in a marathon to name but a few.

I don’t break them.

This year I plan to stop smoking (so far so good and nicotine free) and lose 19kgs.  Yup. 19. Meaning by the time I reach my goal weight I would have lost a whopping 70kgs.

Was I really that fat? Yes. Yes I was.

Today I was back at the gym, I ran for 20mins. Start small and finish big.

I even took gym selfies.

Justine Nienaber


Same trusty gym shoes


I don’t know why that image of my running shoes is upside down but I kinda like it cos it makes me feel like I am walking on the ceiling

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